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Minot International Airport is a non-hub primary public airport located two miles north of the central business district of Minot, a city in Ward County, North Dakota, United States. The Airport is owned and operated by the City of Minot.

Scheduled air carrier service to and from Minot are currently provided by Allegiant Air with weekly service to Las Vegas (LAS) and Phoenix-Mesa (AZA), Delta Air Lines with numerous daily flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP), and United Airlines with daily flights to Denver (DEN)

Customs service is available for international flights. Minot International has no scheduled passenger airline service out of the country but receives its international title (like many other airports) because of its customs service.

The airport terminal provides a pay parking lot with reasonable rates and four car rental companies. The airport terminal also provides concession/restaurant services both before and after security screening. On the main floor of the terminal, the Trestle Cafe has grab-and-go items, as well as paninis, wraps, soups, and Caribou coffee! On the second floor, the Trestle Tap House is a full-service restaurant and bar that offers excellent burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and Caribou coffee as well. With airport growth and activity, new and updated projects are continuously in the works to improve your travel experience.

ATTN: Because of the rapid growth and increased number of current passenger boardings at the airport, the airlines and airport administration ask that you arrive to the airport at least one hour and thirty minutes before your flights. Sundays and Thursdays are the airport's busiest days.

The passenger terminal is open from 3:00AM - 1:00AM. Passengers will be asked to leave the terminal at 1:00AM and will not be permitted to re-enter until 3:00AM. This is for safety and security purposes.

Thank you for using the Minot International Airport.

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In July 2015, the City of Minot (Airport Sponsor) received notice to proceed with the development of an airport Master Plan Update (MPU) for the Minot International Airport (MOT). The intent of the master plan project is to provide updated data and analyses of airport activity and facilities that were not included in the previous MPU completed in 2010, as that last MPU was finished just prior to the Bakken oil boom and did not reflect the economic demand and aeronautical activity associated with that growth. Typically, airport master plans are updated every 5-10 years to cover a 10-20 year planning span and to reflect or depict the Sponsor's goals for the airport during that timeframe.

Master Plans are required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order for Sponsors to be eligible to receive federal funds for necessary airport improvements. The MOT MPU is being funded by both the FAA and the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission (NDAC) and, together, will cover 95% of the costs. Both agencies, along with the Sponsor, must review and approve certain elements of the MPU in order for it to become an official planning document.

Planning consultant Kadrmas, Lee, & Jackson (KLJ) is leading the master plan project and will accomplish this effort in accordance with FAA Advisory Circulars 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans, and 150/5300-13A, Airport Design. In addition, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) composed of airport users, economic development groups, City departments, and state and federal agencies periodically reviews the work products to provide input on the analyses and comment on proposed airport development as it relates holistically to the goals and initiatives of the City of Minot.

This page will be updated periodically to provide public access to draft master plan documents and to inform residents and users when Public Information Meetings about the MPU will be held. Members of the public are strongly encouraged to provide feedback on the master planning effort. Questions or comments may be directed to Deanna Stoddard, Airport Operations Manager, at deanna.stoddard@minotnd.org.

Master Plan Alternatives (document)
File Size: 6144.93 kb


Public Open House Briefing (document)
File Size: 214.31 kb



Airport Master Plan - Alternatives
Minot International Airport

Minot International Airport and KLJ (airport planning consultant) will hold an open-house style public meeting to discuss and receive public input on the Minot International Airport Master Plan - Alternatives. The meeting will be informal, with one-on-one discussion with Airport Staff and the project team. The meeting information is as follows:
Date: October 19, 2016
Time: 4:00-8:00 p.m.
Place: Minot International Airport - Baggage Claim Area
305 Airport Road
Minot, ND 58703

The purpose of the meeting will be to provide an overview of the Airport Master Plan progress to date and to receive comments and feedback on the Alternatives for development at the airport. There will be opportunity to ask questions and provide written comments.
Notice is further given to all individuals with disabilities that this open house informational meeting is being held in a physically accessible place. Any individuals with disabilities who will require a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the meeting should submit a request to the Kent Penney, KLJ at 605-721-5553. Please request accommodations no later than two business days prior to the meeting in order to ensure accommodations are available.

Master Plan Feedback Form

Feedback Form (document)
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Notice of Public Information (document)
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Master Plan Update Chapter 1 (document)
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Chapter 1

Master Plan Update Chapter 2 (document)
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Chapter 2

Master Plan Update Chapter 3 (document)
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Chapter 3


Master Plan Update Appendix D (document)
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Appendix D

Master Plan Update Appendix E (document)
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Appendix E

Master Plan Update Appendix F (document)
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Appendix F

Master Plan Update Appendix G (document)
File Size: 595.91 kb

Appendix G

Master Plan Update Appendix H (document)
File Size: 4373.82 kb

Appendix H

Master Plan Update Appendix I (document)
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Appendix I

Master Plan Update Appendix J (document)
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Appendix J

Master Plan Update Appendix K (document)
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Appendix K

Master Plan Update Appendix L (document)
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Appendix L

Master Plan Update Appendix N  (document)
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Appendix N

Master Plan Update Appendix T (document)
File Size: 1065.35 kb

Appendix T


Minot airport proposes extending parking contract

Republic Parking Systems would continue to manage parking at the Minot airport under a contract extension supported by a city committee Tuesday. The Minot Airport Committee is recommending the Minot City Council accept the contract, which includes a management fee negotiated down from $128,000 a year to $52,000 a year. Airport Director Rick Feltner said the lower fee is possible based on costs being incurred by Republic. It also reflects the elimination of Republic’s costs of preparing a management proposal, which would have been necessary to retain a contact if the city decided to request new proposals. Feltner said use of the ... READ MORE

Equipped for Growth

A $40 Million, 115,000-square-foot expansion at Minot International Airport in Minot, North Dakota, was designed to help handle a significant increase in travelers. The new terminal has been open for one year and the airport's Director talked with Prairie Business about the project and its impact on the facility's operations. Q: What did the Minot International Airport's recent large expansion project entail? A: This was a project that was first conceived in 2011. Our new terminal opened for service in February 2016. The main components of this undertaking were the design and construction of a new passenger facility, ... READ MORE
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