Security Screening

TSA opens 90 minutes prior to each scheduled departure.

Security Checkpoint

The Minot International Airport (MOT) works closely with TSA to provide passengers an efficient trip through the terminal's security checkpoint.

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Valuable Tips

Here are some valuable tips for your trip:

  • All members of the United States Armed Forces are eligible for expedited screening without enrolling in TSA PreCheck. They do not need to be in uniform and can use this while on personal or official travel. Members of the Armed Forces should enter their 10-digit Department of Defense number, located on the back of their Common Access Card, as their Known Traveler Number (KTN) when making flight registrations. Eligible individuals also should update their Defense Travel System profile for official travel.
  • Enroll in TSA PreCheck for an expedited screening process.
  • Not sure what you can bring? TSA makes it easy to check


Please remember that security is TSA's focus and TSA will not compromise security to move travelers more quickly through the security checkpoint.