Annual Badge Renewal

Required Training

Driver’s training is required for all individuals with access to the airfield in any capacity with the only exceptions being employees from Trestle Tap House, TSA, Otis, Mowbray and Sons, LeFluer and Sons, Innovative Vending Solutions LLC, Ecolab,Xerox, and Minot PD. All others must complete drivers training before badge renewal can be finalized and a new badge issued. Please register for Driver’s training using the instructions below:
  • Go to
  • Select Create an Account in the top right corner
  • Create profile
  • Under Airport/Org ID use MOT
  • Under Home Department please select the closest option for employment. GA and Student Pilots can select General Aviation
  • Select Register - You will be sent an activation link to your email you registered with
  • Once registered and activated I will receive notification and will assign your training

Training for registered participants will be assigned starting after January 9th 2023. Once you have completed the assigned course we will be notified, and your badge will be printed within 24 business hours. You can then make an appointment to trade out your badge using the registration form below.    Please note that if you have not completed the required drivers training, you will not be issued a new badge. 

Badge Renewal Appointment

  1. Required Identification

    In order to start the badging process two forms of identification are required. One must be a photo ID and the second is a document that authorizes employment. This is based off of I9 standards. You must select a form of ID from each box that you will bring the day of your appointment. Applications will not be accepted without acceptable forms of identification.<P>If born in the United States, please select one item from Photo ID list and one from Document to Establish Employment list. If born outside of the United States please select one item from the Photo ID list and one from the Documents for applicants born outside of US. 

  2. Driver's Training

    Driver's training is now required before badges can be issued as they will now have a driving "D" indicator on them. Anyone who has access to hangars, ramps, any portion of the airfield, jet bridges etc must complete the mandatory drivers training before a new badge will be issued. 

    Exempt Employees: TSA and Oakwells

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